M1 Macbook Pro 13 | 2 Month Review


Hi guys. My name is Christel, but my friends know me as G I am new to the board fem channel, and I am super excited to be here. I am going to be sharing some of my thoughts with you guys about technology. I use tech all around my life, um, and I’m just super excited to be here and show you guys, uh, what I think about some of our favorite devices.

So the one thing you should know about me is that I’m an avid apple user. I have my iMac that I use for work. I have my MacBook pro that I use every day. I have my iPad, et cetera. I have it. So it is no wonder that the very first device that I’m going to be talking to you guys about is about Apple’s latest MacBook pro 2020.

This is the 13 inch model, and I’m super excited to sell you guys my thoughts on it. So there are three things that I want to talk to you guys about regarding Apple’s latest. The very first one is that it has the M one chip, which is Apple’s very own processor.

Right. So I use my book on my day to day. Did it feel any different? And the answer is. No, it kind of felt the same, which to me is a good thing as an apple user. I want all of my devices to feel seamlessly the same. So transferring all my information over to my latest MacBook, there was no change. Some of you may be wondering what is that day today?

I use Photoshop a lot for work. I am working with hundreds of images. I am on slack. I am on messenger. I am listening to music. I am working with super long and tedious spreadsheets all day. And I need a Mac that is going to deliver on that. And the next thing you’re thinking of is battery life. How long does this actually last operating all those apps that we just talked about previous?

I have a 2015 MacBook pro, which from my Workday starts about 9:00 AM and it’s around six 30 ish. Maybe I usually have to charge my MacBook. I would say around three times in a Workday after using Apple’s latest MacBook, I only had to charge that once. For me as a regular consumer, being able to start my day, end my day, without having to worry about finding my charging, my charger interrupting one of my zoom meetings, cuz my battery is running out.

It is perfection for me. One small complaint that I do have is that this device does not come in 15 inches. I am used to my 15 inch MacBook and if you’re like me who likes bigger screens, we’re definitely gonna be waiting for apple to rerelease this in the 15 inch version. Also, this device only comes with two Thunderball ports and I’m kind of used to four.

So two more would be great. The question is, should you buy it? I am going to say, yes, it is faster. It has a much better battery life. And if you’re looking just like me to upgrade from your older MacBook, then this is the right move for you. I am super excited to do more for you guys.

And if you have any questions, please leave them down below and don’t forget to like share and subscribe. See you next time.