Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – TOP 10 FEATURES


Samsung is one of the few manufacturers still producing excellent tablets and thei tab S eight ultra is the best they have to offer. It comes with plenty of new features. So let’s take a look at the top five of them that make this tablet really stand out from its competitors.

The biggest display on a tablet. The first one is off cost, a big 14.6 inch O lead 120 Hardt display with minimum BAS something you won’t find anywhere. As you would accept from an Oola panel, the display is bright and colorful. It’s the kind of screen you would want to watch movies on forever. It’s not only big, but in credibility team, which makes it easier to carry and hold the gadget for a long period of time.

It does however, have a notch in a top center of the screen, but the positive thing is it doesn’t draw too much attention towards itself. Multitasking, Marvel. Samsung has also improved the Multimin mode, which allows you to split the screen between the three different apps and control the size of each window.

A feature pulled from the software of galaxy fold. Three, the Multimin display comes in handy because of the lower display. The ability to work in imported positions and user tablet. As a wireless touchscreen monitor for a paid PC, a phone are some important new capabil. You can even drag and drop files between the device.

That’s similar to apples, universal control feature between max and iPads, expandable storage. At the present time, everyone is abandoning the micro SD card slot in order to sell price volumes of the devices. But Samsung has included it in a tab asset. Yes, the Samsung tab acid draw features a micro SDR slot with up to one terabyte of expandable storage, supernatural writing experience, just like the S 22 ultra the Spen tab eight ultra also features the record low 10 C at 2.8 May 2nd for magical writing or drawing experie.

Auto framing and a three way nice cancellation lost, but not the least. Samsung is clearly targeting hybrid and at home workers with the tab asset ultra, as it packs dual front facing cameras with support to up to four resolution for video calls, as well as auto framing technology that keeps you in focus doing calls while also zooming in out to include new participants as a giant, you, it also has the ability to blend the backgrounds on.

And there is a three way mic with nice cancellation software for clear audio. So what do we think about these tab asset Delta features? Let me know in the comment section below with that set subscribe, if you like, and I will see you in the next one.