Apple iPhone 14 : Latest Leaks, Release Date & Price


Hello everyone. So today we are going to talk about upcoming iPhone 14 series its specifications to release date and price before starting the video. Let me tell you this year, the 14 series will launch in four different models. The iPhone 14, 14 max 14 pro and 14 Promax. There will be no 14 mini as it is replaced by the max.

Now let’s start the video with design and build quality of the 14 series. As you all might know, the upcoming 14 series has acquired similar design to 13 series, but it has some upgrade and design changes from different side. This year, the 14 series will be launch with two bill whole cameras, which actually present the I from iPhone.

There are no major changes on the back side of the phone except bigger camera holes. We will come to the cameras in a little. The 14 series has the same box of structure as we have seen in the iPhone 12 and 13 series. Although the 14 series is a millimeter wider than HP scissors, which is a little disappointing as the 14 series is divided in four different models.

So the specification also varies, but the major specifications that we are gonna see on all four model is that they will feature six gigabytes of frame and up to two terabyte of storage. Although the projects are a bit higher this time, but they’re all. The happy news coming from apple this year is that the new 14 series will have a massive 48 megapixel main camera sensor, which can shoot up to eight key videos.

Pretty amazing. Believe me or not. It’ll destroy all of its competitors in the camera segment. Now let’s talk about it’s release, date and pricing. 14 series is expected to be launched in the middle of September or start of October. This year, the iPhone 14 and 14 max is expected to be priced in between 800 to $1,000.

Whereas the 14 pro and Promax are expected to be priced in between 1100 to $1,400, which is a bit high. Although if you’re planning to sell out a kidney and get one of these, then try to get the top of the line variant, which offered two terabyte storage. Also, if you want regular updates regarding the iPhone 14 series and make sure to subscribe the channel and press the be I icon.

So tap all for two today’s video. I will see you guys in the next one.