Get $1,000 Free PayPal Money Every 10 Minutes


So after the success that my last video got, I decided to share with you guys a new method to get $1,000 free PayPal money easily. There’s a few people that actually know about this method, but they prefer keeping it for themselves. You know, they can find way to get $1,000 free PayPal money over and over.

That’s awesome. But today I am gonna expose this method by, so make sure to follow with me in the step by step tutorial to get your free PayPal. So the first thing that we’ll need to do to get your $1,000 is that you will need to access this link right here. You will find it in the first comment, by the way.

Or you can just pause the video and write it directly from there. Then you will be redirected to this page where you can see here that you can get PayPal gift card with $1,000 for free. All right, we are gonna scroll to the bottom of the page till we find this field here. Now you will need to enter your PayPal account email address here, the PayPal account that you want your reward to be sent to.

I’m gonna enter mine, just make sure that you entered the correct email address. You know, we don’t want a $1,000 to be lost on nothing. At least someone else can get it. And now just click here on. So after clicking on confirm, you will get this popup. As you can see with me here it is the last step. And in order to complete it, you will just need to finish two offers from this list.

Just choose a random offer, click it, finish it. As they tell you, go back to this popup, choose another offer, click it, finish it. As they tell you, and then you can check your PayPal account where you will find that you can. You instantly got your $1,000 free PayPal. I am just gonna click on this tab. As you can see, this is my PayPal account.

And here I already received a 1030 $6 free PayPal money. This morning when I performed my two offers, let’s go back to this page. And now I will explain for you guys a little bit about those offers. For example, this one here, download and run opera GX browser. In order to finish it, you will just need to click it.

Download opera GX from that page. Install it, and you are done easy as. Another example here, $250 Nike versus added. As in order to finish, you will need to click it, vote for Nike or add a as and answer a couple of questions that won’t take more than two minutes. Also here answer some survey to win $250 game stop gift card.

Now as before you will need to click it, enter your email address, answer a couple of questions and you are done from this one. So simple. Last, but not least. I want you to know that depends on your device and location. You might get different offers from those ones here. For example, if you are on mobile, you might receive offers like download in store and run a mobile app or download in store and register in a mobile app.

But at the end of method of work is exactly like I said, just choose two offers. Finish the first one, move the second one and then check your PayPal account where you will find it. You’ve got a $1,000 free PayPal money. So this is the end of this video. Everyone enjoy your $1,000 PayPal money for free.