Now before ending off the video, I quickly want to take two minutes to talk about the Carre platform, the Carre exchange, which is created by professional traders. And is this digital bank created back in 2016, aiming to merge together traditional finance with defi and that. Presents a lot of different use cases.

One of their most popular products is the exchange here. The Carre exchange, which is super easy to use and has all of the most popular pairs, Carre has further just launched their own native utility token for this platform, which is super beneficial. And by having this, you can, for example, earn deals up to 15% on a lot of these different pairs, which is also super beneficial.

Kres has further developed their own app so that you can trade on the, go on your mobile. What essentially makes this exchange trustworthy is first and foremost, their large daily transaction volume. And also the fact that they have received a BFA class four license with this native token, the charact token, you get trading discounts on the exchange and further have this.

Possibility of earning yields on popular pairs. The CarX token has still not been launched to the public, but you can access their private sale through this telegram, but here, which I have left a link to down below in the description, what you have to do, essentially, when you are on telegram here is that you can press wallet.

Then you can see your different holdings. I have some. U S T T here, if you don’t have, you can press deposit here then whatever you want us T for example, and then you press, what kind of blockchain you want, perhaps on TRC and you press confirm. You need to have at least 140 S T in order to buy this token.

But once you’ve done that, you can go down and press here by the KX token, you can do it with UST minimum answer how much. Then I press 200 here. Do you want to buy 200 KRX tokens? I press. Yes. And there you go. That is how you buy through this telegram, but the transaction is now completed, which is pretty easy.

If you want to check out this exchange or how to buy this token, or you want to read the tokens, I have left some links down below in the description for you to check out.