So she BEU has achieved two new milestones, uh, while really nobody was looking or paying attention. We’ve all had our attention on the overall crypto market. Right. We’ve all been looking at what is going on with the overall crypto market. Um, losing. Over 1.1 trillion, uh, in complete market cap. We’ve been watching that by the way.

Happy father’s day two of those of you guys out there. That’s what this little, uh, mustache and tie here is, is here on coin market cap. So happy father’s day to you guys out there who are fathers congrats and enjoy the day. Um, so yeah, so Sheb news reached a couple of new milestones. Here we go. All right.

So let’s talk about what they are. The first one is. That they have reached 3.4 million followers on Twitter. Uh, for comparison, doge coin has about 3.4 million followers. Um, but doge coin’s been around for a lot, lot, lot longer. Okay. Um, Adding more than 700,000 followers since February Sheu has 700,000 additional followers since February.

So that would be, um, February, March, April, may, and really June five months adding, uh, 700,000. So that’s approximately what about 125,000 new Twitter followers? Monthly? That’s crazy over, uh, that’s about over 4,000 a day. Don’t do math in public, adding about 4,000 P uh, Twitter followers a day. That’s crazy numbers.

That’s actually really interesting to show you kind of this social scenario there about how socially she be news growing 4,000 Twitter followers a day is, is, is the growth factor. Um, also. The total number of ship holders has risen to 1 million, 182,817. That’s actually really good as well. 1 million, 182,817.

I like that. That’s cool stuff there. All right. So again, just really good news across the board, from the standpoint of kind of the social side of the, of the, of the spectrum, if you will continued growth continued, uh, you know, we’re seeing some good stuff there. So just to finish up with a look at the real, as, as of the recording of this video, look at the price of ship it’s down about half a point.

Um, again, it’s down because the overall market is not really doing a heck of a lot. Um, you know, Bitcoin in theory, or basically flat. Um, I still think person technical analysis, people that I behind me that I trust immensely. That Bitcoin could drop to say 14, 15,000 could still be happening and Ethereum could drop to four to $600.