Sylvester Stallone’s significant other, Jennifer Flavin, sought legal separation after an enormous contention
about whether Sly could get another canine, TMZ has learned.

Sources straightforwardly associated with the couple tell TMZ, the “Rough” star needed to get a Rottweiler for
insurance – – security for their family – – however Jennifer didn’t need another canine. We’re informed the 2
were in constant disagreement over the dog, and they each wildly adhered to their positions.

Our sources say they had a very warmed contention that raised different issues, in spite of the
fact that we’re told none of those issues had all the earmarks of being marriage-enders.

Tricky wound up getting the canine named Dwight … additionally the name of his personality on his new show “Tulsa King.”
Sly posted recordings and photographs of him with Dwight this month on Instagram, with the inscription …
“So unbelievably content with my recently obtained four legged companion “DWIGHT” my characters name from the Series,
continue punching and continue to bark !!! Thank you kindly to Trainer and raiser Dave Smith and his awesome spouse !!!”

After three days, he posted this pic with the inscription … “”DWIGHT” Definitely a genuine companion! KeepPunching And Keep yapping!”
Tricky has been in Oklahoma shooting his show, and we’re informed he was stunned – – SHOCKED – – when he learned Jennifer sought legal separation.
We’re informed Sly felt they could sort out their disparities.

This makes sense of the tattoo on Sly’s arm … he put a Rottweiler on his arm over the tattoo he had of Jennifer.
The photograph surfaced Monday on DailyMail, yet that was AFTER Jennifer recorded separate from docs – –
that happened last Friday.